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iSecurity & Technology are the electronic security professionals in Strata and building management. We offer the best in security when it comes to CCTV, Intercoms and Access Control Systems for Strata properties.

Our impeccable work, smooth service and technical knowledge is why we have an established reputation for providing the best Strata security solutions.

Our CCTV solutions are perfect for monitoring activity in high interest areas such as garbage rooms and car parks. Cameras provide identification and verification, a perfect way to enhance your buildings security, prevent damage and supply evidence of future incidents. We can deliver a brand-new solution or an addition to an existing system. We are experienced in all brand and technologies within the Australian CCTV market.

iSecurity & Technology are industry leaders when it comes to intercom systems and regularly pick up work where our competition has failed or given up. Despite intercoms ease of use, they are difficult to work on. They are often complex webs of cabling, modules, door stations, relays and monitors. There is a myriad of different technologies from TCP/IP to 2wire, and each brand has its own exclusive parts and programming language. Working with all the major systems and technologies combined with our experience no install or repair is too complicated for us.



Picture of a strata building
  • Complimentary iSecurity & Technology warning signs acts as a deterrent.
  • CCTV deters criminal behaviour and provides evidence in the case of an incident.
  • Access control will secure your building and provide a log of who accessed, what area and when.
  • Intercom and access control systems restrict access to common areas and provide safety for the buildings residence.
  • Use CCTV to identify those responsibles for problem behaviours such as dumping rubbish, damage & vandalism, tripping of fire alarm and abuse of parking.
  • Our encrypted access control solutions will solve your key fob cloning issues.
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Things to consider when it comes to Strata Security Systems:

  • What restriction are required for your access control and intercom systems, such as areas, hours, visitors and users?
  • Are the problem areas covered by CCTV?
  • When an incident does happen, who is going to pay for the repair if no one can be held responsible, the committee?
  • Are your cameras good enough to make a definitive identification?
  • Who has the ability to access common areas?
  • Are residents circumventing the buildings security by copying cards, remotes and fobs?

We here at iSecurity & Technology want provide you with the right system for you needs. One we understand exactly what you need, we will personally tailor a solution that will tick all the boxes and come in on budget. Contact us now to speak with one of our friendly consultants to organise a site visit.

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