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Access Control Panel

iSecurity & Technology can create a custom solution of any size, from one electronically controlled door to a scalable solution with unlimited doors and users. These solutions can include audit trails, timed access, booking systems, time & attendance, visitor management, mobile credentials, facial recognition and many more features.

We keep ourselves at the bleeding edge of technology and encryption to provide you with the safest and most secure systems the market has to offer. Combining this with our own R&D we can provide secure solutions that are also convenient and perfectly suited to your needs.

Trust in our 20 years of expertise and know that our solutions are designed to meet security, fire and safety standards

Many of our competition use proprietary systems and products to lock in their clients and stop them from seeking alternative integrators or suppliers. Where possible, we will avoid proprietary products so our clients have multiple channels for supply, service and installation. The quality of our work and value is why we have strong ongoing relationships with our clientele.

We are experts in high quality access control products including but not limited to Protege (WX & GX), Inner Range (Concept, Integriti & inception), Tecom Challenger and Bosch.

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